Cyclopropavir Susceptibility of CMV UL54 DNA Polymerase Mutants Selected after Antiviral Drug Exposure

Presenters: Sunwen Chou, Gail Marousek, Terry Bowlin

Company: Microbiotix, Inc.

Date presented: May 14-17, 2011

Conference of presentation: 13TH Annual CMV/Betaherpesvirus Workshop


Identification of Entry Inhibitors for Avian Influenza H5N1 virus

Collaborators: Debra M. Mills, Bing Li, Donald T. Moir, Lijun Rong, Terry L. Bowlin and Arnab Basu

Company: Microbiotix, Inc., University of Illinois at Chicago

Presenter: Debra M. Mills

Location: ICAAC 2010


Characterization of a Stereo-Specific Class of Inhibitors of Type III Secretion

Collaborators: D. Aiello, J. D. Williams, H. Majgier-Baranowska, I. Patel, N. P. Peet, J. Huang, S. Lory, T. L. Bowlin, and D. T. Moir

Company: Microbiotix, Inc.; Harvard Medical School

Presenter: Donald T. Moir

Location: Keystone Symposia “Antibiotics and Resistance: Challenges and Solutions”, Santa Fe NM, 2010


Bioluminescent and Chromogenic Reporter Screens for Inhibitors of P. aeruginosa Type-Three Secretion

Presented by: Don Moir

Company: Microbiotix Inc. of Worcester, MA

Location: ICAAC Meeting, Washington, DC, October, 2008